Changelog 2

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Noorvir Aulakh

2 June 2023

Welcome to the second edition of the Unweave changelog! We post regular updates here to keep you in the loop on what we're building. You can also follow us on Twitter, join the Discord group or signup here to really make sure you never miss a beat!

Multi-GPU support

The long awaited multi-GPU support is finally here! You can now specify the number of GPUs you'd like to run on a session with the --gpus flag:

unweave multi-gpu

Hardware Spec

In addition to specifying the type and number of GPUs, you can now also configure the vCPUs, RAM and Storage Disk (HDD). This gives you a lot more control on the resources you use, and pay for exactly what you need:

unweave hardware spec

Unweave Copy Command

Handling data smoothly is an essential component of ML workflows. Today we're adding a new utility command as a first step towards making this process seamless on Unweave. You can now move data between your local machine and a running session with single command unweave cp.

unweave copy command

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