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Instant serverless machine learning environments with one command. Code locally, run in the cloud.

Instant machine learning environments

Unweave gives you instant, serverless machine learning environments in the cloud. Always fully reproducible.


Start coding right away

No more manually configuring cloud GPU instances or storage: Unweave makes it super easy to provision the compute resources you require to train and deploy you ML models.

Get started with Serverless Jupyter Lab or VS code with one click.


Run from the CLI, or directly from your browser

Code wherever you want! You can either write your code in the serverless Jupyter Lab and VSCode instances provided by Unweave or on your local laptop.

You can use the Unweave CLI to execute you code serverlessly either way.


Lightning fast setup

Get up and running with ML projects with near-zero setup

  • Run with zero setup in browser

    Get up and running with any public repo on GitHub with one click. Unweave will automatically setup and configure your environment.

  • Run from the terminal

    Execute local code serverlessly using the Unweave CLI. All you need to do is run unweave <your-command> to instantly connect your local code to remote infra.

  • Run with remote GPUs

    Unweave gives you and your team instant access to serverless GPU compute in the cloud. No setup required.

  • Coming soon
    Scale your cloud infra instantly

    Your code runs in the cloud by default which means that your dev environments are always in sync across your team.

  • Coming soon
    Sync code and data on Git

    Your environment and code are always in sync. Everything in Unweave is versioned with Git.

  • Coming soon
    Clone code and data seamlessly

    Unweave makes cloning and sharing datasets as easy as cloning a Git repo. Two clicks and you’re done.

Simple pricing that works for everyone

We offer simple pay-as-you-go pricing for all our plans. No hidden fees, no contracts. You can find the complete pricing table below.


Good for anyone who is self-employed and just getting started.


  • 1 concurrent Jupyter Lab session
  • 10 concurrent deployments
  • 20 concurrent CLI sessions


Perfect for small / medium sized businesses.

$200 / user / month

  • Unlimited concurrent Jupyter Lab sessions
  • Unlimited concurrent deployments
  • Unlimited concurrent CLI sessions
  • Multiple users per project
  • Custom deployment domains
Runtime TypeCPU Memory (GB)GPU Memory (GB)Cost (per minute)Cost (per hour)
CPUx416GB$ 0.0024$ 0.14
A4048GB256GB$ 0.0213$ 1.28
A10040GB256GB$ 0.0368$ 2.21
V10016GB128GB$ 0.0133$ 0.80
Quadro_RTX_40008GB128GB$ 0.004$ 0.24
Quadro_RTX_500016GB128GB$ 0.0095$ 0.57

Get started with an Unweave template

Whether you’re starting your first project, or streamlining your team’s ML workflow, Unweave makes it swift and seamless

  • COCO

    Common Object in Context. COCO is a large-scale object detection, segmentation, and captioning dataset.


    The MNIST database of handwritten digits. Digits have been size-normalized and centered in a fixed-size image.

  • GLUE

    GLUE benchmark is a collection of resources for analyzing natural language understanding systems.

  • IMDb Movie Reviews

    The IMDb Movie Reviews dataset is a binary sentiment analysis dataset of reviews as positive or negative.

  • Kinetics Human Action Video

    A large-scale, high-quality dataset for human action recognition in videos. Each video clip lasts around 10 seconds.

  • Stanford Dogs Dataset

    The Stanford Dogs dataset contains images of 120 breeds of dogs from around the world.

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