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Noorvir Aulakh

5 May 2023

It's raining AI models! Nearly every day, a new model unlocks magical capabilities and entirely new possibilities. However, despite the progress on models, training and deploying ML is still a dark art. Although the ML ecosystem has tools for every imaginable use-case, most of them require significant domain knowledge, and heaps of configuration to get setup. There's not much that works out-of-the-box.

If you've ever done much JavaScript, you'll be familiar with this type of fragmented ecosystem. For JavaScript, this has ironically been a boon, since its popularity and fervent speed of iteration has produced amazing products like Vercel and Supabase that make productionizing projects a breeze.

ML is almost as popular as JavaScript these days! So what does the Supabase for ML look like?

Smarter AI Tooling

At Unweave, we're on a mission to make ML universally accessible and refreshingly easy. Today, we're announcing our open-source project as an interoperable platform that packages the best open-source tools into something that just works! We’re also opening up beta access to our hosted platform.

We're streamlining machine learning by making it incredibly easy to train models without needing to worry about infrastructure.

We’ll dive into the specifics in a later blog post, but at it’s core we’re building a new type of container orchestrator that’s optimized for ML. We'll consider it a success when training and deploying foundational models to millions of users is just as easy as deploying a React App.

Open Source

Everything we build is or will be open-source. Phenomenal open-source tooling has the power to level the playing field and empower every to participate in the AI revolution. That's what we're all about.

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